Improve Your Sexual Health with help of our Erectile Dysfunction & Treatment Knowledge Base Articles

According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 5% of 40-year-old men and between 15% and 25% of 65-year-old men experience ED on a long-term basis.

A much more common problem that affects the majority of men at some point in their life is the occasional failure to achieve an erection, which can occur for a variety of reasons, such as from drinking too much alcohol or from being extremely tired.

Failure to achieve an erection less than 20% of the time is not unusual and treatment is rarely needed. Failure to achieve an erection more than 50% of the time, however, generally indicates there is a problem requiring treatment.

Are you having trouble with your sexual health? We can guide your to the right direction for getting help treating following sexual difficulties:

Premature Ejaculation (PE) – PE occurs in one of three men at some point in their life. Men with PE have the inability to control their ejaculation and frequently ejaculate shortly after beginning intercourse. There are many treatment options that can help men regain their sexual stamina, which often leads to happier partners as well.

Erectile Dysfunction – The inability to achieve an erection or having soft erections is a much more common issue than most people think. Over one in ten men cannot achieve an erection at all. But don’t worry, there are a wide variety of treatment options for men with ED as well.

If you are having trouble with Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation, please feel free to explore our ‘Knowledge Base‘ page to learn and understand your condition as well as treatment options before seeking medical advice. Our knowledge base articles will also provide you with thorough knowledge to decide whether your condition is alarming or just due to stress or other factors that causes it temporarily. We’d be glad to help you with your treatment options to help regain sexual function.